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Working at Bright + Early

Watch a video by our founder, Nora, on Bright + Early's story. Captions available.

Founded in 2017, Bright + Early is an HR consultancy unlike any other. Known for building unique, creative and inclusive HR, we specialize in working with companies who are scaling quickly. Though 80% of our clients are startups or in tech, we also frequently work with creative firms, e-commerce brands and non-profits. From engaging interview processes, to modern performance reviews and inclusive policies, we build it all for our clients. We also act as trusted guides and coaches as they navigate the highs and lows of people management.

We're a diverse team of HR individualists who are passionate about changing work for the better. Collectively, we see a future where the world's most successful companies are built on empathetic, inclusive, data-driven people practices. Our vision is to be the go-to resource for these companies through our work and content.

What working at Bright + Early is like:

Watch a video by our team member, Trisha, on life at B+E. Captions available.